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Excellence is the result of high intention,
sincere effort and intelligent execution

Ambica Corporation Limited (ACL) aims to be a global organization with highest level of ethical conduct and transparency. ACL will respect cultural diversity,individuality of person with corporate responsibilities toward environmental conservation and humanitarian issues.

Over the years, ACL has gained extensive experience in the distribution and marketing of polymers, chemicals, and engineering products. The company has built strong relationships with leading manufacturers from around the world, and has a well-established distribution network in India.

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Success comes from our ability to give
and makes life better for everyone.

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Most Fragile Thing in this World is Your Dream, Only Strong Can Protect it

Ambica Corporation Limited, a name that represents Trust, Efficiency and Leadership since 1955. Rated as Top Polymer distribution group in latest survey by Modern plastics India in 2021, This is not story of success and riches; this is story of a dream which is being protected by 3 generations to serve Indian plastic industry.

Mr. Kuntal Sanghvi,
Managing Director

Our Commitment to a
Better Tomorrow

Our Commitment to a Better Tomorrow

Healthcare Initiatives

ACL extends support to individuals facing a range of critical health issues, including cancer, as well as other life-threatening diseases.

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Social Responsibility

From facilities like fans and clean washrooms to underprivileged schools, to health education programs, we are working towards a healthier and happier society.

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Environmental Management

ACL has developed an innovative product called "wood plastic," which is a bio-based polymer.

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Keeping you in the know with our
comprehensive news coverage

Inside the World of ACL Polymer Sales : Conquering Challenges and Leading the Way

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An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Kuntal Sanghvi, Ambica Corporation Limited. ACL by Mr. Ginu Joseph

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ACL awarded for "Most Innovative plastic product" at Saurashtra Plast

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Carbon Nanotube

Carbon Nanotube is a new material discovered by a Japanese Professor llijma in 1991 while analyizing carbon mass that was formed on the cathode of graphite using the electric discharge method.K-Nanos series have good dispersibility in polymer base and solution and the high-density product improves production environment by reducing the scattering and quality stability.

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